Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Tampines: Where family meets food

"People who stays in the east side never seem to venture out of their comfort zone.."

A statement I always hear from my friends who stays in the west or north side of Singapore...

Indeed... But those west and north friends of mine ever wonder why? Let this Tampines boy tell you then. First you have Bedok which in my opinion is the most important part of the region. We all know how famous Bedok Hawker food are right? Let's not forget about the ever popular Old Airport Hawker Center as well!

Then you have Joo Chiat and East Coast. One of those few streets left in Singapore that still retains rows after rows of shophouses. Did I tell you that some of Singapore's best cakes and sweet pastries are located at such shophouses? It's a desserts lover playground!

Of course how can I ever not mention my hometown, Tampines? With 3 shopping centers to boost and an additional 3 mega malls to shop and dine? Let's not forget Tampines Round Market and Food Center alright? One of my favourite ice cream cafe, BLIC Ice Cream Cafe is within walking distance of my house too! *Update: Blic @ Tampines has closed down. Apparently, I called them up and realised they moved to Simpang Bedok.*
See what I mean? The east is where good friends meet good food!

Since I am on the topic of Tampines, remember yesterday's post about Ikea? A few hours before my family decides to go Ikea for tea... We were actually having brunch at one of the coffeeshops within the vicinity of my house. There's actually 7 coffeeshops within the close vicinity of one another! That's one new place to try out everyday! Not for me though. I tried almost all of them.

I can easily tell you which stalls sells the best Bak Chor Mee (Minced Meat noodles). Where's the best and worth those calories western food! Where to satisfy your graving for sinful Pratas and Murtabaks!

There's one such coffeeshops around the vincity that's always crowded in the morning. It was used to be known as Ang Keong Coffeeshop, a family owned business but somehow they decided to rent it to one of those major coffeeshop chains...

Somehow, they decided to rename the coffeeshop to 826 Coffeepoint but many residents still prefer the old name Ang Keong... That's nostalgic I guess. Did I mention to you that the owner of the coffeeshop chains owns another coffeeshop also within the vicinity? What can I say other than to tell you Tampines is a food happening place!
I was observing the Indian man frying my order of plain pratas. The amount of oil he spam was... SINFUL I tell! But that's what separates a good prata from a bad.
Deep Fried Chicken Cutlet. Those who often eat with me would know I seldom order deep fried chicken...
That's because if I ever want to eat such a sinful food, I want to make sure it's worth the weight gain! It's crisp, it's flavorful and it's juicy! But no... I didn't touch a single piece of it...
Lontong! I love my lontong with lots and lots of chili! You know spice things up a little :)
 Mee Rebus... Don't forget to squeeze the lime!
Kueh Chap. A plate of  hard boilled eggs, beancurds and of course a heap of pig's innards. Disgusting right?

When I was young, I refused to have an animal's intestine down my throat? But in the process of growing up, I was curious... I wanted to know why everyone loves having pig's innards? What's the joy of eating it?

When I finally try it, I realized how much I've missed out all those years. It maybe disgusting but trust me, it takes skills and technique to wash those innards!
How can Kueh Chap be call Kuek Chap without a bowl of Kuek (Thin rice flour cakes)?
It may just shock people that my family loves to order a table full of food! Eating is such a joyous occasion!

Do note that all these happened barely 2 hours before my family went to Ikea for meatballs and cakes :P
We are forever hungry!

Tampines Street 81, Block 826
Singapore 520826

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