Monday, 26 December 2011

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf: Never fail to deliver

Coffee bean, a delicate bean of a fruit coming from a coffee plant. Bearing fruits out of tender loving care lavish by the grower. Coffee, a cuppa brewed by a skilled coffee brewer. Often with much knowledge and passion for coffee.

For someone who has a fair share in brewing and drinking coffee, it's something you can infer about me. I am a coffee fanboy!

From foamy cappuccinos to the intriguing affogatos... You name them, I love them!

I must admit that I am one of those few that's never in favor of having a cuppa over coffee chains such as Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.

My reasons?
1. In general, they are seldom brewed by professional brewers like Loysel's Toy Cafe or Oriole Cafe.
2. They are always located at the heart of shopping malls and/or crowded areas.
3. They never give you that homely feeling as you slip your cuppa down that throat due to their locations.

See what I mean when I say I seldom drink coffee from such chains but that doesn't mean I can't tell a good coffee from bad! I must admit that there are coffee chains that I've been constantly going back just for that particular drink! One of such chains that I'm referring to is Coffee Bean! And I subconsciously always find myself getting the same old drink...
From the Coffee Ice Blended category, I present you the Black Forest! You're the sole reason why I always return to Coffee Bean. Don't belittle this coffee drink for it taste almost and literally like a Black Forest Cake! So how does a GOOD Black Forest Cake should taste like right?

Let me tell you! Most Black Forest Cakes that I've tried are composed of at least 3 layers of chocolatey sponge cakes. Occasionally you might find cherries hidden within the sponge cakes too! Copious amount of whipped cream is spread in between each layer of sponge cake. The cake is then enveloped by additional whiter than whiter whipped cream. Lastly... you decorate Snow White with cherries and a heap of chocolate shavings!

Coffee Bean's Black Forest may not behave like the typical cake should look. But trust me, you could taste cherries and chocolate shavings with every slurp! I heard that they uses chocolate expresso beans for the Black Forest Ice Blend. I just wonder how do they made chocolate coffee beans...

So far there isn't a single friend who ain't touched by Black Forest when I introduce them to the drink. They fall in love almost within the first slurp! It's amazing I tell you!

Unlike certain Coffee Chains who have disappoint me time and time again. Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf has never fail to deliver. I won't be back so soon but rest assure you will always hold a special place in my heart...

313 @ Somerset B1-37
313 Orchard Road Singapore 238895
Tel: +65 6884 6598
Opening Hours: Sundays to Thursday & PH: 9am-10pm
                         Fridays, Saturdays & Eve of PH: 9am-11pm

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