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Course Outing: There's always a first.

If you do not know, I'm actually a NYP student of the Diploma in Social Sciences (Social Work). Yes, your eyes didn't fool you! SOCIAL WORK! I don't wanna go into the topic of social work here because this is a food blog!

Anyway, currently in my course, there's two classes. The years ones and the year twos. I'm in the year twos. We see each other pretty often considering that we share the same classroom? Apart from your typical hi and bye, we don't really talk. For me, I think I gave them a very bad impression. You see, I seldom smile or I seem pretty cold...

So... A few weeks ago, I had this thought running through my mind...

How wonderful it will be to make new friends all in the name of good food?

I created a event on Facebook, titled Course Outing. A simple get to know each other more session and of course, for me to seek out even more dining partners!

On 28/12/2011, a few of us met up for lunch at Everything With Fries. There's basically two main branches. The first one is located at Joo Chiat, opposite 112 Katong Mall while the other branch is located at Holland Village. They also started a fast food concept outlets at Orchard Central. I heard that Bugis is having another branch as well?

We went to the Joo Chiat outlet because I say so :) Joo Chiat is one of favourite hangout spots in Singapore.
Katong Laska, Creme Burlee, Durain Cream Puffs, Pratas, Escargots and even tiramisu! You name it and most likely you will find them in Joo Chiat!
Photo courtesy of Winsome...

Since it's called Everything with Fries, apart from desserts, everything comes literally with fries! You can choose shoestrings over straight cuts fries as well as the types of seasoning. Look at the photo above for choices. But don't expect too much from their fries. It's definitely better than you MacDonald's rendition but that's all. Nothing really special. In fact, it seems that their standard of fries has dropped since my last visit a few months ago.

I wonder why...

We took our time to read though their gigantic menus...
The One Egg Soup ($4.90). In Everything With Fries opinion, a must try. A chicken cream soup that has a tinge of sour cream to it accompanied by a large fried egg. If you ever notice, the fried egg has no yolk? That's because the yolk has been used to thicken the soup.

In our opinion, the fried egg went well with the soup but there wasn't a WOW factor. If you're trying it for the first time, well by all means go ahead. But for me, I would rather use the money to buy their cakes! Particularly their Nutella Tarts! Awesome stuffs I tell you but I didn't get it this time...
Wild New Zealand Breaded Salmon With Original Straight Cuts ($13.90). Being a salmon fan myself, I can easily tell a well cooked salmon from a not so well cooked one. They say there's a difference between farm raised and wild salmon. Unless you're a food connoisseur, you won't really tell much of a difference.

At least I can't...

From the color of the meat, I could tell that it's not fully cooked. But that's the essence of eating salmon. It's flaky but it's soft and it retains the full flavors of the fish.
Grilled Pork Chop With Curry Powder Shoestrings ($13.90). A piece of Pork Chop that is grilled to give that nutty and smoky taste is by no means an easy feat! Firstly apart from inducing the smoking taste to the meat, one has to ensure that the meat retains the moisture and tenderness while not overcooking the meat. See what I mean?

In my opinion, the miso sauce by itself is a bit sourish and salty. The purpose of the miso sauce should be to complement the flavors of the meat. A good combination and in my opinion a must try if you ever pop by.
Lamb Burger ($11.90) or I should say Lamb Burgers since four of us got the same thing :) A fat and juicy piece of lamb sitting in between two homemade bread. The tomato and onion relish adds a tinge of sweetness and sourness with every bite. The meat itself was not tough as I might have expected. Again, looks can be deceiving...

When it comes to burger, some prefer lifting the whole thing happily munch on it. Some prefer dissecting the it into smaller portions. Whichever way you decide, there's no right or wrong! What matters is we are enjoying every moment with our burger!

All in all, the price seemed to increased by a lot since my last visitation of the place. The fries doesn't taste as good before. I am guessing that the landlord might have increased their rental but still, that doesn't mean the quality should be compromised right?

After a few hours of chatting, we decided to head down to Tom's Palette for Ice Cream! I've always had a love- hate relationship with Tom. They have discounted rates for almost all students other than NYP!
It's unfair!!! But still I always find my way back... Licking ice creams after ice creams! I guess that's what happen when you fall in love...

At Tom's Palette, I would usually get myself a medium cup with 2 flavors which cost me $4. Compared to Udders and other more famous Ice Cream cafes. It is definitely worth the money when you're running low on budget!

A note to all, it's always important to try your ice creams before you buy and savour it! Especially when you get 2 flavors. Either complementing or contrasting. Don't believe me? Try it yourself then...
Darkish and intense Chocolate Sorbet paired with a sourish tangy lemon vanilia...
Salty Yuzu and Matcha. It's refreshing. It's enchanting. It's thrilling. An all time personal favorite combination!
The star of the session... Rum & Raisins. My two friends spent an hour talking about their fantasies about Rum & Raisins! It's unbelievable how Rum and Rasin be the topic of everything! So I asked my friends this question.

Edward: Would you choose Rum & Raisins or your Girlfriend?
Friend1: Mmm... Hard leh?
Friend2: Of course it girlfriend lah!
Edward: So you can bring share Rum & Rasins with your girlfriend right?

Indeed, Rum & Rasin is like any other relationship. Rum by itself is good but Raisin complements Rum to make it even better! 

A time well spent. The numbers maybe small but it's the quality of time we spend laughing and chatting that counts. Nevertheless, I look forward to having another great time again soon!

Everything With Fries
458 Joo Chiat Road, Singapore 427671
Tel: +65 6345 5034
Opening Hours: 12pm-10 pm daily
                         Fridays, Saturdays and Eve of PH: 12pm-10.30pm

Tom's Palette
Shaw Leisure Gallery #01-25
100 Beach Road, Singapore 189702
Tel: +65 6296 5239/ +65 9070 7701
Opening Hours: Mondays to Thursdays: 12pm-9.30pm
                         Fridays to Saturdays: 12pm-10pm
                         Sundays: 1pm-7pm
                         Closed on the last Sunday of the Month

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