Thursday, 22 December 2011


My mind is always thinking about desserts! There's isn't a single day that goes by without me thinking about them! I do have a really sweet tooth when it comes to desserts! Doesn't apply to Bubble Tea though...

The worst part is I never know how to control it! Come to think of it, why should I ever bother to control it? Sweet things makes me happy!

Today, I managed to satisfy my dessert craving at Bakerzin!
Bakerzin's Mango Mousse Cake. Two layers of sponge cakes in between of a thick layer of mango mousse. There were also bits and pieces of mangoes in between the mousse...

It's good I tell you! In fact, it makes the word good look bad! It might just be the best Mango Mousse Cake I've ever tried in my life!

Since it's X'mas, Bakerzin has come up with a few interesting cakes to meet the demand as well!
For a dessert fan like me, it just gives me more excuse to try!
There's definitely something enchanting about Log Of Enchantment. First you have a thick layer of sponge cake sitting at the bottom. Then comes the strawberry puree core which I could sense a strong tinge of refreshing mint in it. At last, the whiter than white chocolate mousse that encompass the marvelous slice of log cake.

Until today, I never know that strawberry could be paired up so well with mint. I guess that's why her creator call her Log of Enchantment...

Bakerzin's are well-known for their mousse cakes. In fact, most of their cakes are mousse-based if you noticed! At least they did it well...

Call me sensitive but the staffs at United Square's outlet seemed to be disinterested in serving their customers. Come to think of it again. Maybe it's because I'm used to the staffs at Tampines1, who never fails to greet me with a smile whenever I visit them. Clearly, I'm a regular visitor of Bakerzin :)

I guess it doesn't hurt just to smile right? Since a happy customer is a willing to spend more customer right?

United Square #01-07/60
101 Thomson Road, Singapore 307591
Tel: +65 6251 5550
Opening Hours: 10.30am-10pm daily

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