Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Din Tai Fung's Xiao Long Bao

"First feelings are always the most natural." -Louis XIV, King of France

I will never forget the first time I sink my teeth into a well-made Xiao Long Bao (XLB) Pieces of Minced meat soaking the essence of a superior broth enclosed in an evenly hand-keeled dough...
At Ding Tai Fung, they did it... It's not a surprise since they're well known for their XLB.
Do you need proof of their legend? Here's your proof...
An open kitchen showing how they made each and every XLBs... Did I tell you that every single XLB is weighted before steaming? Now that's what I call professionalism!
In my opinion, another must try of Ding Tai Fung's dishes. Hand-made noodles with a bowl of superior chicken broth. If I didn't went to China and tasted how a good bowl of noodles should taste like a few years ago, Then I would have easily said that Ding Tai Fung's noodles is easily the best noodles I've ever tasted!

Han-made noodles always tasted better than machine is because of how the chef imparts his/her love into the food as compared to a machine... Isn't that Romantic? That chicken broth... Well, good is an understatement to complement such a wonderfully made broth. It was smooth and clear... Extremely flavoring, drawing the essence of the chicken...

So what's for desserts?
Yes, you're right! Xiao Long Bao again! But this basket is a sweeter version. They used yam paste instead minced meat... It was like just eating orr nee (Teochew version of Yam Paste) encased in thin dough. It was excellent! Do note that one XLB is missing from the picture because SOMEONE just has to pluck one out before I could take a snapshot! Tsk!

Well, that's Din Tai Fung at Resort World Hotel (RWS) to begin with. Some may say that Crystal Jade's XLB are way better. But then again why compare? To each our own that's what I say...

So... What reason do I have to dine at RWS's Ding Tai Fung? Not that Tampines don't have an outlet...

Well, that's because I was at Universal Studio!
All celebrity only cafe!  
 "What's wrong with my car?" That's my brother, Eddie!

Ahhh!!! I'm very afraid!
 Did I saw the word TEA ROOM ???
Welcome to my residence! 
USS version of singing carols! 

X'mas is just round the corner...
That could only mean one thing...
Who's up for X'mas dinner!!!

Din Tai Fung
Resort World Hotel #1-217-222
26 Sentosa Gateway, Singapore 098138
Tel: +65 6686 3536

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