Friday, 16 December 2011

Strictly Pancakes

My love for cakes runs deep...

Napoleon Cake from Flor Patisserie,
Mango Mousse Cake from Bakerzin,
Matcha Chiffon Cake from Tampopo Deli,
Marble Cheesecake from Secret Recipe,
Little Red Riding Hood from Kki,
Antoinette from Antoinette...

I can go on and on forever and ever... Oh well, you get my point right ?

But there's one type of cake that makes me go head over toe just to savor it...

 Well, you got that right! PANCAKES!

Pancakes are part of my childhood memories... I will always remember being awaken by the aroma of Pancakes sizzling on the pans. It's such pleasant feeling to know your mum is making one of your favorite food and because I've the food urge again. Here I'm, having Pancakes for dinner at Strictly Pancakes with a friend of mine :) 
Scanning through their menu was one of my toughest moments in life. I wanted to try every single type of Pancakes but I know my wallet would not allow that to happen...

Feeling disappointed... :( I got myself The Druggie ($11.00) 
When I first saw her... I was in AWE! I was shocked! I was... Captivated. I mean look at her... She's beautiful!  3 stacks of chocolate pancakes accompanied by gracious amount of chocolate syrup & shavings sure goes well with the cold chocolate ice cream !!! 

If I could describe my experience with Druggie, it'll be DEATH BY THE DRUGGIE! A chocolate dream come true! Every bite is addictive... I couldn't stop myself from indulging!
My dining partner on the other hand was a bit more conservative. 4 Stacks of Pancakes with streaks of Bacon. A crowd pleaser if you have to ask me. Nothing will go wrong with Maple Syrup... At least when it comes to Pancakes right ?

After having 4 stacks of it... My friend made a statement.

"I will never look at Pancakes the same way ever again..."

Indeed, Who says Pancakes are only meant for breakfast and brunch ? 
So next time, when anyone asked you to have Pancakes for dinner...

There's no need to feel weird about it because they're seriously filling enough to be a main course.
The love of my life and my childhood dream. I'll be back to find you again... Please wait for me... 

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Tel: +65 6333 4202

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