Wednesday, 14 December 2011

A new Chapter...

Hi! My name's Edward, hailing from a family that loves/enjoys/indulges food...
Well, that's nothing new to my friends who have seen my dining habits...

I have a particularly sweeter than normal tooth! 
I love desserts! Particularly CAKES and PASTRIES!

I'll do just about anything just to have...
A Napoleon Cake from Flor Patissere,
Red Velvet Cupcakes from Cupcakes With Love 
and let's not forget... 
Tiramisu from Bonheur Pattissere... 
Again, everyone knows...

This is a new chapter of my 18years on Earth! I'm actually starting out my own Food Blog! 
Many thanks to my friends who have encouraged me to pursue this dream of mine!

I'm not a excellent writer or a wonderful photographer. But I'm good at sharing the food gospel!
It is my belief that Good Food is meant to be shared amongst Good Friends!
And so I've decided to create this blog in the name of Good Food and Good Friends!

Why Romantic Victual ?
Victual is just another synonym for food. 
But victual  has another meaning... It also means to provide food.
I'm not saying that I will always treat my friends for high tea so don't even think about getting a free luncheon from me!

Let's talk about the humble Hainanese Chicken Rice. 
You can have it anywhere at any price! 
From your average coffeeshop to your classy hotel restaurants... 
But how many people actually knows about the origin of the Chicken Rice?

Is it from the Island of Hainan? No, it's not...

In fact, it's a dish invented by the Hainanese Immigrants working in Singapore. When the Kheng Chew Nangs (Which means the people of Kheng Chew, the old name for Hainan) came to Singapore, they arrived relatively later than their dialect counterparts. Hence, they didn't really had a good start...

And so they had little choice but to work in the service sector, working as cook boys, waiters or servants in the local hotels, restaurants, bakeries and bars and as cooks or domestic servants for wealthy European and Peranakan households.

Slowly but surely, they started to make a name for themselves. Like the famed Hainanese Chicken Rice? Did you know that the famous Singapore Sling was also created by another Hainanese? 

It's just too bad I don't have the Hainanese blood... I'm a pure Cantonese :)

It takes years of practice and even more years worth of knowledge in order to make a good plate of Chicken Rice. Let's not forget using premium dark soy sauce and the secretly guarded chili sauce recipe.
It ain't easy that for sure! 

Hence, it's is important that before we even dig our forks and spoons into our food, think about the people who is providing food for you. 
The time and effort they put into our food. The best way to complement someone's food is simply to finish everything on your plate! It's bring joy to them to see a clean plate for they know that they had a satisfied customer.

That to me is romantic... And hence the name, Romantic Victual ;) 
I'll be importing some of my past food reviews from my old blog, so stay tune to find out more!

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