Tuesday, 13 March 2012

The passion in the gift


The last day of my placement at Nexus Family Resource Centre. 

From that special orientation and having issues over breakfast...
To complaining about having the same thing for lunch almost everyday...

There are loads to talk about but let's not get it started alright? 

I prefer to keep many of these a secret between my placement partner who is unarguably one of my most trusted friend. It's just fascinating. Someone I didn't have much contact with until we had the opportunity to work together. There is without a doubt, this someone has become someone who I trust scientifically. There's nothing to hide about our friendship. Nothing at all. 

A cook book, a gift from my supervisor. It just makes me feel extremely blessed to have such a wonderful senior social worker to learn everything from. It sure comes in handy since I've dying to bake since my last.
It's a pleasure having you here with us. Hope that you'll continue to shine in the field & you have the making of good social worker. Hope you'll grow more comfortable in our own style & always maintain the passion for social work!

Thank you! I could totally see the passion in the gift. Both food and social work...

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