Monday, 5 March 2012

Fish soup for dinner? What more could I ask?

Good friends are hard to come by. Trust me it is...

It's the stuffs fairy tales are made off. It's almost a bluff. It's hardly imaginable right? 

Someone whom I can trust.
Someone whom I can share my woes.
Someone whom I can have dinner with.
What more could I ask of you, my dear friend?

To be honest, there isn't...
Bowls of sliced fish coupled with a whole lot of laughter. Two poly students, each busy with their own walk in life, sitting together and giving each other much needed time and attention. I really cherish the times we had together. Every single one of them. Trust me, I really do.

Again... What more could I ask? Friends over food or food over friends. Does it matter? No it doesn't... Not at all!

Just like our unpretentious dinner. It's the simplicity of our friendship that makes me appreciate you as an individual. Friend, It has been my blessing to have you in my life. I mean how many friends I have that lasted more than a decade. Not that I don't have but only a few...

I do have something to ask of you though. I hoped that we will always be friends. Friends that will last till the end of time. Is it too much of a request? I hope it's not!

Thick slices of fish. Gracious amount of greens and a good broth. Simple ingredients made extraordinary... 
Many thanks to the lady boss for the extra portions of sliced fishes! 

You see... Lady Boss and I are good friends as well. 
It pays to have good relationships with hawkers for you may never know what goodness awaits you.
In my case, extra portions of sliced fishes!

827 Seafood Soup
Fung Juan Hainanese Kopitiam
Tampines Street 81 Block 827

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