Friday, 23 March 2012

MOF の My Izakaya

My impression of the Ministry has always been fairly above average. It's one of those places where I will recommend for a quick and relatively affordable Japanese meal. 
As usual, I always start my Japanese meals with something light. Something like the Sashmi Moriawase ($18.00). There's a range of sashmi to choose from though for some reason I can't remember all of them. All I remember was I had sake (salmon), maguro (tuna) and mekajiki (swordfish). 

Of the three choices, my favorite would be the mekajiki. It's pretty mild and firm. But being at the top of the food chain means higher mercury content. Hence I try my best to refrain from eating that much unless it's worth the risk! 

All in all, the sashmi were fresh and of good quality and serving them on ice retains the freshness longer.
Chawanmushi was slightly expensive at $2.20 per cup. Price is something subjective. It depends on the individual's perception. In my opinion, it was still fairly average but if I want a good chawanmushi, I would opt for Shin Minori's Pumpkin Chawanmushi
Plain Udons ($6.80) are best served in a clear both. A gracious amount of seaweed is always appreciated. 
Personally, I am a simple person who goes for simple meals but there will be always be a time where I would just go for a bit of glamour. Shabu-shabu was clearly on my mind that night. I yearned for having something to cook! Therefore, I decided on the Surf & Turf ($17.80). It's pretty healthy with two set of salads to wash that meaty beef and fishy sake. 

It's all about having fun when it comes to eating and how much more does the fun gets when you get to cook what you eat? I sure enjoy the process!

Now for desserts which to me will always be the main attraction of any meals.
Repeat after me: "I LOVE DESSERTS!"
Macha Sundae ($6.80) comes with not just Macha ice cream. It comes with fruits, jelly, cereals, and a white-ish vanilla ice cream tower! Of course since it's Macha Sundae, it is only right to top of with more macha sauce.

It's always best to shared such delightful stuffs with your other half. A mouthful here and a scoopful there. Desserts maybe sweet but nowhere sweeter than a loving couple.
Unlike Mr Q and Miss L, I don't have another partner to share with. I guess that's where Macha Zen ($5.80) comes in. Azuki beans and matcha can never go wrong. 

A perfect combination. A sweet unification. 

But there's something that I don't quite like about MOF. Their menus. It's as though they went through a war zone! Extremely battered! As the man behind Surreal Gourmet, Bob Blumber once said: 

"Presentation is ninth-tenth of the battle."

I don't know about you but as far as I know, Japanese are extremely particular about presentation but apart from those battered menus, I could see the quality and quantity in their food. Since there's a few MOF outlets around Singapore, it shows otherwise right? I guess one-tenth of the battle is the decisive factor.

For me though, I might be back but for their desserts only. It's not that I don't find my meals @ MOF well-spent but I always prefer trying out new places. So MOF, being a relatively common place would ruin my chance to blog about other places right?

Hopefully, the next time I come back again, there's someone I could share my desserts with...

Marina Square Center Square #02-138E
6 Raffles Boulevard, Singapore 039594
Tel: +65 6334 2202

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