Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Pique Nique: The dating couple

Mr Q and Miss L have been seeing one another for almost a year now. They are one blissful couple. You could almost see happiness gleaning from their eyes.

Looking at the two of them makes me wonder... What is love? One moment it's pleasing to the eyes and all sweet. The next moment you could face a surge of fiery emotions that's hard to stomach. All I can say is love is an acquired taste.

But just when you made up your mind to close that chapter of your life, never to touch it again. The same fire that was hard to swallow, somehow warms that chilly heart. Isn't it amazing? The power of love. It's profounding but it's something we all yearn right? At least I do.
The relationship between Mr Q and Miss L relationship can be sum up with Pique Nique's
American Cheesecake. It's cheesy but just enough to keep everything going smoothly.

Love is not just about communicating with one another when there's differences.

Standing firm is also important. In desserts, particularly cheesecakes, firmness ensures the cake doesn't crumble after time. In love, firmness is keeping the promise. "I will stand by you even if the going gets tough." Easier said than done. But when the promise, fulfilled. Hugs or kisses are always appreciated.
For some people, love is a thing or two from the past.
For some people, love is all about the gift in the present.
For some people, love is about pondering what lies in the future.
To me however, love is everything and anything we want it to be.

Happiness or Sadness. Right and Wrong.
Hope and Despair. Self-sacrificial or Self-centered.

It ain't easy for two person coming together and say: "Yes, let's come together."
I mean I don't see myself saying that to everyone at least.
It's made holy, meant for the ears of the special ones.

May the Lord see Mr Q and Miss L together till the end of time...

Set up by the the renowned patissier, Chef Pang, it's actually quite hard to miss the place since it's located just beside KFC. Service was more than just fair since they serve us water without us saying. I have to say that the staffs were pretty observant. Even though I only got one cake, they brought us 3 forks instead of just one. That's what I call thoughtful. Very thoughtful indeed.

Hovering at $8+ per cake, Pique Nique isn't the typical place I would want to just spend my money like a boss. It's slightly expensive for such a casual cafe. Maybe at the more classy Antoinette would I be more willing to spend more.

All in all, most good things comes at a price. Why I say most? Because there's always the more affordable option of Flor Patisserie at B2 to consider for a quick fixture of cake craving!

Takashimaya Department Store
Ngee Ann City Tower A #B1-01/02
391A Orchard Road Singapore 238873
Tel: +65 6238 6705

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