Monday, 26 March 2012

My first camera: Lumix 5

Ever since, I started this blog, I've been looking for the suitable camera to showcase my food expeditions to all of you, mostly silence readers that never leave a comment.

Blogging sure is a lonely process but that's another story to begin with right?

Anyway, back some time ago, to be precise somewhere around February. I was so caught up with the Canon Powershot S100. I think about holding her in my hands. With a 24-120mm (equivalent) len and a 12 MP Canon CMOS sensor to boost about, who would find fault with the S100? Hardly...

S100 was my eye-candy but no more. Because I found one that is better.
The Panasonic Lumix DMC LX5.

She has a long name long name but I would just call her, Lumix 5. I would go as crazy as to call my camera a lady but not as crazy as to name her a real name ok? She's a true beauty I tell you. Though she isn't petite like the S100 but she's a stylish camera I tell you. With 24mm ultra wide angle len, something I don't see in most digital cameras and DSLR-like functions to fondle with. I was just speechless as I research about her. Just speechless...

I missed the first IT fair of 2012 and I kinda regretted not going. Thank God! I got to knew another IT fair that's going on at Singapore Expo. I am not going to miss it even if the sky is falling down! I got one of my friend to accompany me. My friend is quite into photography and to me, she's a professional one although she might think otherwise...

We squeezed through the crowd and finally saw her, in her sampling form. The two of us lavish our hands on her sleek body of Lumis 5 and messed with her buttons! Sorry Lumix 5, I just have to test you out... I hope you won't mind...

It's too good to be true! I didn't even pay as much of a peek at the S100 even though she's just around the vicinity. What more can I say other than love is blind :)

The price? A whooping $599. That's a $200+ difference from the market price not to mention the freebies that came along with the camera. She's definitely worth my money. Mind you, I could almost buy 100 cakes with that kind of money if the average cake cost $6. That's a lot of cakes ok but totally worth it! I just have to eat less cakes from now on...

By the way, The photo you see above shall be the last time shot I will take with my Sony Xperia Neo V. From now on, Lumix 5 willl hold a special place in my heart as my first camera. I am a happy boy.

So look forward to the photos Lumix 5 and I will be showing you!


  1. Cool! I have always wanted to try Lumix because it can take pretty good shots. But it's so underrated that it's hard to get a good opinion on it. All i get is "okay ah, not bad" =/

    1. Agreed. It's way than ok. I tried taking sample shot at point blank range with the sample camera and it still retains the focus! Will show you more shots with it then you can see how good is it luhh! Thanks for reading :)

  2. You've got yourself a lovely camera! I must say I envy you!

    1. hahaha! Thank you. Envy? Mmm, Then you might feel even more when u see the photos I shall be taking!

  3. haha..this is also my 1st ever pseudo-DSLR that I truly owned to capture clearer food pics other than camera phones and friend's DSLR on loan...pretty handy I must say :) great blog here, will be checking by every so often! Hail the desserts!

    1. It's a awesome cam! Haha, the macro mode still learning how to take manual shots though. Long live desserts!


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