Monday, 26 March 2012

Eggs & Berries: High tea with the professional photographer

The clock struck six and we were tired after spending hours wandering around the huge and crowded expo hall searching for Lumix 5, the professional photographer and dessertprince needed to rest our aching feet!

We wanted somewhere quiet to rejuvenate ourselves over high tea but for convenience sake, we went to Changi City Point which is on the other side of the street. Actually, we were thinking of heading down to the city instead but I was a bit lazy to travel...
My friend was glad that we found Eggs & Berries because she was having cravings for waffles! It's actually quite a lovely petite cafe and I kinda fall in love with the white furniture and background. Sort of remind me of Bonheur Patisserie, the whiter than white setting. I guess I have a preference to dine at sleek and clean-looking cafes and restaurants I guess.
While my friend was busy taking snapshots with her Iphone 4S, I was busy fondling with Lumix 5. I just couldn't wait to ravish Lumix 5, in a gentle and affectionate way of course. Afterall, she's my first camera right?

They had a variety of toppings for their waffles but being the gentleman in me, I simply gestured my friend to decide and this was what she got...
Banana Rama ($9.20). A thick crispy edged and spongy waffles paired with sliced bananas and toppled with assorted nuts. Whipped cream was graciously doused in chocolate chips and sauce. An additional scoop of rich chocolate ice cream ($2.80). The waffle was delicious! I really love the fact that they actually bother to fill the entire plate rather than leaving pocket of places in between.

They also provided us with three different syrup. chocolate, raspberry and maple. After trying all three, the two of us unanimously agreed that maple syrup still goes well with waffles.

"Have you ever tried Eggs Benedict before?" I asked my friend as I glanced through their menu, hoping to get a cake or two or even better. Tiramisu.

But since I got a no for an answer, I think it's only fair that she should have the chance to enjoy one. Afterall, it's not everyday you have poached eggs for tea right?
A pair of perfectly poached eggs each sitting on a thinly sliced ham and greenies and supporting the entire art piece is a piece of soft English muffin. Harshbrown need not necessary be deep fried you know? 

It's almost like a piece of art. An edible piece of art...

That my friend is call we call Eggs Benedict ($12.80). It may smell like MacDonald's Big Breakfast but trust me, it taste nothing near! Eggs & Berries rendition might not be the best one if I were to compare with some other more established cafes that I tried before but I would definitely be back for their all day breakfast and their cakes too!

Another thing worth mentioning would be their service was more that excellent. When the staffs knew that we were ordering each dish one at a time, they actually provided us with serving plates not just once but twice since we ordered two dishes. I would definitely recommend Eggs & Berries not just for just because of their service but because of their thoughtful service :)

All photos are taken by the professional photographer, Miss Woo Ching Ting.
PS: Thanks for the companionship and the photos! High tea again soon alright?

Changi City Point #01-37/38
5 Changi Business Park Central 1, Singapore 486038
Tel: +65 6636 4212


  1. Eggs are my fav and in fact I just posted a simple egg recipe on my blog. I also made a Malaysian Version of egg benedict last weekend and they sure tasted so good.

    I like the way the egg benedict was plated and looks tempting.

    1. Just visited ur blog! Nice eggs you've made!


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