Saturday, 10 March 2012


The rise and fall of empires and great nations are often inevitable. It's bounded by history. From the Roman Empire to the Napoleonic era but if evidence is what you want, then I have a story to share.

Once the renowned Republic of Steak (ROS) located under Victoria Hotel, famed for their affordable steaks but more importantly, the illustrious celebrity, lava cake. Those glorious little archangels never fail to charm the little prince's heart.

It's a big fish eat small fish world out there. If you can't provide the best, chances are you're gonna lose out before you knew it.

I'm not sure if ROS has closed down or rebranded itself but all I know now is that a new steakhouse is reborn. Whenever I past by the same place, I see a new successor to the old republic. Steakout...

Upon entering the steakhouse, everything seems the same. The siting arrangements. The Australian desert backdrop. What about the food. Is it still the same or better? A glance at their menu, they may have a different design altogether but the name of most of their dishes still remains the same just as I remembered.
Pan-grilled Dory ($8.90) smothered with brown mushroom sauce. Garlic spaghetti and baked potato accompanied the unpretentious dinner. Initially, my partner was skeptical about having fish for dinner but after trying his first mouth. The rest were history...
Rosemary Pork Steak ($9.90) doused in thick black pepper gravy. There's nothing much for me to say since meat was well-marinated. Extremely tender when paired with the black pepper sauce, I daresay it's  pretty darn good!

Nothing special about the baked potato apart from the fact that the unhealthy amount of butter on it but the apple salad was refreshing to my palette.
Now, my friends would know how much I can eat. The sky's the limit or I should say the stomach's the limit!
Eating is my first love. Sharing is my way of communicating my love to my friends. Steakhouse Crispie ($6.90), thick fries and onion rings. Something out of the package but at least it's piping hot.

Now now now. How can we end of the night without some desserts right? I personally was eager to try out their lava cakes. I just wonder if it's the same as ROS or something different...
Glorious Lava cake ($6.90). A good lava cake doesn't just trickle or dribble chocolate. No it sure doesn't. It's even better my dear. It's POURS out rich and warm chocolate! I was grinning as I dig into the my sweet heart! Nothing really matters other than enjoying your presence!
My partner on the other hand, got the Brownie ($5.90). Cute and cuddly. A dream come true if you ask me. Dense and chocolaty. But still Lava cake beats Brownie hands down. No competition that's for sure!

Now as the two of us indulge in our desserts, somehow we realized that there's something about the vanilla ice cream but we just couldn't lay out fingers on. We suspected it's laced with alcohol. A pretty strong one I have to say but just like my partner say:

"Does it matter? What is more important is we get to enjoy the desserts."

Yes, that I agree my friend. I didn't get the chance to try the steaks yet but it doesn't matter. That's because I definitely will be back some time soon. Excuses just to see my archangel, Lava cake.

Victoria Hotel #01-01
89 Victoria Street, Singapore 188017
Opening Hours: 11.30am-10pm daily


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