Saturday, 24 March 2012

My memories with strawberries

I was a picky fruit eater ever since I was young.

I didn't had a orange in my life until I was 18 nor did I have a dragonfruit ever since that disturbing encounter with a rotten one. Did I mention whenever I had a banana, I always make a point to cut off the two ends? Weird habits but yeah, I have my reasons to do so.

Now about strawberry. Mmm, I never really tried one whenever my mum bought them for the family until that faithful encounter. It didn't took place in my hometown though...

I clearly remember I was much much younger. I was in Korea. South Korea. A strawberry farm to be precise. I was given a small basket and instructed to pluck strawberries straight off the vines. I looked at my aunt from a distance who was busy picking the little red berries. I approached her. Looking at her basket which was filled with strawberries. Compared to mine. Zero. How pathetic...

By now, my aunt was aware that her nephew was bewildered by the process. Being the loving aunt that she always has been, she plucked one off the vine and stuffed it into my mouth. Like literally stuffed the berry into my mouth. A normal person would feel angry but somehow, just somehow, sweetness consumed me. 

Yea, that was when my love for strawberries all started. Ever since then, I languish at the thought of having strawberries.  Once in a while, my mum would buy a pack or two but somehow, they just taste different. 
Not sure why though. Maybe they just don't taste exceptionally fresh and sweet as they were hand-plucked?
All I knew was they were the works of Americans. They just made the strawberries sour than sweet! 

It took a much recent overseas trip to reignite the memories. This time, to Japan. I was walking down the streets of downtown Tokyo late at night with my good friend. It was winter. The chilly breeze is heat-draining, it's no cold that you just wouldn't wanna remove your gloves and scratch your frozen nose!

Apparently, it was one of those rare ocassions that Tokyo was snowing. How lucky we were to caught in it right?It was freezing cold but it was the only time when I could wear a leather coat fashionably without the heat to spoil my mood like it does in Singapore.

My friend, couldn't stand the harsh coldness decided to walk into a supermarket to warm herself up and I was dragged in, unwillingly. I almost wanted to throw a snowball at her! Mind you, snowballs aren't soft and fluffy. They are really hard ice! I mean how many times in a lifetime do I get to go Japan? 

Whilst she was drinking a cup of coffee to warm herself up, I decided to walk around the huge shop.
Just then, as I was walking pass the fruit section, something caught the corners of my eyes. Something red. 
I knew it. I just knew it. Strawberries! I just knew I had to get a pack of them but they don't come cheap though I can't really remember the price now. But the urge was just too strong and I decided to buy a packet.

The next thing I knew was bearing the brunt of the cold winter with my friend sitting by the benches of a park and getting intoxicated over a packet of strawberries. Of course, when we got back to our hotel rooms a few hours later, our parents gave each of us a lashing for venturing out by ourselves but for the sake of those strawberries, the scoldings seems worthwhile...

Those were my fond memories with strawberries...
Since it's the season of strawberries, how could I miss out the chance of having strawberries? This time, I bought Korean ones instead :) Fresh & Sweet!

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