Friday, 11 May 2012

Bonheur Patisserie IV: The creature comfort in me

Being a dessert foodie means my friends would often hear/see/know me using up my own free time exploring different places to have my sweet tooth temporarily curbed. (I can never full satisfy my love for all things sweet!) I must confess though... I'm a creature comfort. I prefer spending my day at familiar cafe enjoying my usual food than to enter a whole new cafe, not knowing what should I have for tea but I don't have a choice to begin with or I would bore all of you with the same old food like I always do at Bonhuer Patisserie.

If you realize from this post's title, you would have know that this shall be my fourth time blogging about this little patisserie that churns out happiness in the form of cakes. It's not that Duxton and Ann Siang are lacking of patisseries. I guess the whiter than white interior never fails to captivate both my heart and mind just like it did on my first visit somehow makes me return here time and time after.

I don't always blog about the same places I go. Partly because there will also be a high chance that I would get the same thing time and time over again. Just like I would always end up finding my way to her, the awesome and delectable Strawberry Balsamic Mousse... Maybe it's her colorful personality that has never fail to attract my attention. All I know is I could always count on her to bring a smile on my face...
This time though, I have a partner and that means I get to try something new to blog about right? My fellow dessert fans, I present to you... The Caramel Opera! It's chocolaty, coffeeish and caramely all combine into one. The chocolate gauche glazed above the three combinations just made me grateful I managed to try this cake. This is one chocolate cake worth soughing for. 
Who wouldn't loves these overtly sweet little french creations? At least I do! Provided they're well-baked of course! Clean White Champagne and rosy red Rose Macarons. They were pleasently sweet but nothing special worth yearning for. I guess with other well-established patisserie like Canele and Antoinette churning some of the island's finest Macarons, Bonheur's renditions aren't just on par. I must say that they didn't taste as fresh as the previous visit and I wonder why...

If nothing brings out the creature comfort in me, I can always be assured there's always Tiramisu that I can always rely on for that special love for all things sweet...

Feel free to read my first visit, second visit and third visit alright?

70 Duxton Road, Singapore 089529
Tel: +65 6221 1148


  1. I wish I could try Caramel Opera one day - it looks mouth-watering! :)

    1. :) Then one day u shall try! I always go for the strawberry mousse. It's almost an instinct aldy...


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