Thursday, 17 May 2012

MOF の My Izakaya II: The lunch meeting

I never enjoyed conducting meetings in school. I just don't like the idea of sitting along a long table with laptops and notes in front of each of us and trying our best to sap every bit of brain juice all in the name of projects. Over the two years of study in NYP, I realized the golden equation of project meetings:

Serious and Lengthy Meetings ≠ Serious and Productive Endings.

I for one prefer to keep my meetings light and concise. Meetings over lunches sure does the trick. You see, my inspiration often deviates from food, clearly evident a few of my posts right? Even if our brains died along the work done? route, there's always something sweet to rejuvenate those brain juices!

You might disagree with me but that's alright. All I could see is we all have our own working style and that's fine and I feel extremely bliss to be able to work with classmates who could relate to my point of view and on one of our more productive meetings brought us to MOF @ Bugis Junction. 
I was captivated by the two vases sitting on those octagon tables and those cyan banners hanging from the ceiling... Gave me a Japany feel to the otherwise, plain woodey setting.
Just like how we started meeting, Our Sashimi Moriawase ($18.00) came delectable and light. Swordfish, Salmon and Red Snapper. Sashimi can always be appreciated at any Japanese food fare. We enjoyed our fish critters so much that I almost forgot to take a snapshot until I realized there's only one of each kind left... 
I didn't tried the Katsu Curry Rice ($12.80) but the dish sure came with a big piece of deep fried pork fillet partially soaking up the essence from the Japanese Curry. How's that for a Ommph factor ehh? I really love how the large plate was beautfully filled. Definitely worth the money!
One of our project member who was at Funan the previous day queuing up for his Diablo III game went for the Salmon Set ($19.00) as it was named in my receipt. Looks good but once again, I didn't try the dish myself but everything was polished off by our Diablo die-hard fan. 

I could never seemed to get enough of Sashimi that afternoon and all those illustrations of MOF's bento menu simply caught my attention. I decided to go for the cheapest bento box instead. I have desserts on my mind too.
My Sashimi Bento ($9.80) was housed nicely in a glossy plastic box. Somehow as I was taking a snapshot of my bento box, I was reminded by a friend of mine whom I met up recently for dinner. My friend couldn't stop laughing at me taking photos after photos of my food. Well, I guess that obsession of mine has taken to a whole new level? 
Be surprised to see your Salmon slices, succulently fresh and moist and then accompanied by the really petite Tobiko roe. I still prefer Salmon roe compared to the rather petite flying fish ones. They're just too mini of a fish roe to make any impact.  

Our lunch meeting came to an end, we needed to sum up our whole afternoon into... What else but desserts?
Mr Diablo III die-hard fan got himself the Matcha Shake ($6.80). Basically, you have an vanilla gelato that's covered in Matcha milkshake. Nice nice and nice!
This was the reason I went for the cheapest bento set, the Creme Brulee ($6.80). It's just fun breaking the sugary glace with the dessert spoon and then worked my way into the soft custard. Although MOF's rendition couldn't came close to Goodwoodpark's version of the egg dessert but I was just contented with a scoop of Matcha gelato and a few pieces of sweet Mochi.  

And with the last scoop of my dessert, we concluded the end of our meeting. Mind you, it wasn't all eat and no work ok? In fact, we came up with a series of new concepts and ideas to work upon. Let's look forward to our next meeting hopefully light and always enjoyable.

Feel free to read my previous visit of MOF @ Marina Square.

Bugis Junction #02-45
200 Victoria Street, Singapore 188021
Tel: +65 6338 6466

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