Wednesday, 23 May 2012

How to order Kopi like a pro

Coffee and Tea played a large role in my life. Every morning I must have my Earl Grey to kickstart my taste buds and I could end off the night with a cup of coffee without the fear of insomnia. I just can't foresee a day without this two. Never.

It doesn't come as a surprise to some of my friends that my childhood circulates around the two drinks since my parents manage a coffeeshop themselves with Yours Truly helping out either in my after school time or when I am not having high tea. 

Over the years, I dare not proclaim that I've mastered the art of brewing coffee (coffeeshop style) quite as well as my parents much incomparable to my maternal grandfather. What I dare say is that my knowledge for the drinks has increased tremendously.

So much so that at times or I should say most of the time when my friends join me for meals at the local coffeeshop, they'll be amazed by all the hokkien slangs that I could possibly conjure up when I go for my drinks. Then they will give me that baffled and puzzled look as though I was speaking in a foreign language. 

So I managed to chanced upon this poster which I think is and will be helpful to you if you always mixed up your drink! Confusion no more! By the way, my favorite drink is Teh O siu dai which means Tea without milk less sugar :)
Here's my other guide to drinking coffee but you'll only find that in cafes and coffeehouses not your typical coffeeshops and hawker centres.

Have you had your coffee fix for the day already?


  1. Haha this makes a pretty good kopi guide! I always have trouble differentiating one from the other.


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