Thursday, 24 May 2012

Happiness: That one thing we all seek

I believe...

Man's ultimate goal is to seek happiness at least that's what I observed and abide to. Happiness varies from every man, woman and child. It comes in all shapes and sizes.

Some seek it in gods and goddesses. Afterall, prayer works wonder you know?

Then there are those who seek happiness in academics and career but isn't that the way our "beloved" government conditioned us to think so? Success comes from hard work but does success equate to happiness?  

Some associate the good feeling with the materialistic world. that we dwell in. Prada, Gucci, Miu Miu, Burberry and the ever famous LV. While other slightly more enlightened beings choose to indulge in Foie Gras, Cavier and all things refined and say: "Happiness comes in the form of food."

How true how true. For even I seek happiness in all things sweet so what less of you? 

Many are lucky to find happiness in love. 

Among them are those few who are the greens in everyone's eye. Green with envy to be exact. Envious of these individual to ending their happily ever after story in pure blissfulness and then walk down the Sunset just like the movies always depicts. 

There are those who managed to find their perfect other half after all those lost years in the woods but somehow, just somehow couldn't grasp it. Either because they try too hard appreciating happiness in their own hands and they lose it over the course or fate just didn't work their way. 

But yet despite all the countless heart-wrenching stories, there are still pockets of humanity who take happiness for granted but only to lose it and regret for life. Just like a child playing with a lighter. They only learn when their puny little fingers are toast. By then, nothing could be changed. Nothing at all.

If man could control fate. What would it become of love?  Would it be taken for granted? Would it be artificial like arranged marriages? Maybe one day someone will proclaim that love can be imprinted into your genetics? I don't really know but for now I could only say: "Man propose and Heaven dispose."

We all seek happiness. To our own definitions and to our own preferences. We might never know when's our last day going to be but would you dare say you have managed to find true happiness? If you could, then good for you but if you couldn't, don't lose hope. For even in truth,  it always protects, always trust, always hope, always perseveres. Afterall, Good things come to those who waits at least that's what I believe too.

For I believe...

Happiness will always be that one thing we all seek...

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