Sunday, 27 May 2012

Hokkaido Cakes: Love from dad

With the annual foodfair going on at Singapore Expo from 25th May to 29th May 2012, it's an event any foodie shouldn't miss but sadly, mummy and I had plans for our Saturday (26th May 2012) so daddy gathered his fellow makan kakis and head down Expo all in the name of good food and indeed he found many, though just like many of us in my family, there's always something better we tried before. That's what happen when you call yourself a foodie. You just can't help but to compare. Very evident when I had my Duck Confit at Saveur.

My dad's a man of few words. He's not quite like his dessert-fanatic son who has no trouble conjuring and expressing love in words but he sure knows that his son loves all thing sweet, particularly cakes. He looked around and under but just couldn't find something worth until he stumbled upon a vendor that sells what they proclaim: Hokkaido Cakes.
Soft and spongy cake with rich cream locked amidst the petite cake's core. Baked then lightly powdered in confectionery sugar from above.but that's not all. The best part has surely got to be the squarish pink and white poker dots cupcakes holders that houses everything! Sorry but yeah, I just love all things pink. It's very evident in the design of my blog too!

Weird for a guy ehh? But that's just me. I LOVE PINK STUFFS!
It was just pure bliss digging my dessert spoon into the cake, scooping sweet portions after portions and be awed by happiness emitted by the unison of cream, cake and sugar. Maybe I have exaggerate a bit too much but it's worth exaggerating at least that's what I feel. They do resemble like cupcakes or muffins but just more airy and moisty than your average cup desserts.

They don't come cheap though. $12 for half a dozen wasn't something my dad would spend. But there was an on-going promotion, $16 for two boxes. Then again, two boxes might be a bit too much. So my dad simply psycho a stranger to share the $16 with him so they would only pay $8 for one box. Don't ask me how he did it but he just did it. My dad's an amazing one!

Thanks for the cakes, daddy!

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