Sunday, 6 May 2012

Group Therapy Cafe: Best carrot cake

When I first heard of Group Therapy back sometime ago, I thought it was some social work agency or organization until the word, "cafe" popped out when I went for a Google tour. How silly can I get right? I'm also guessing my social work trained classmates would make the same assumption too :)

The cafe's hidden at the 2nd floor along the shophouses of Duxton. It's no easy find if you aren't a frequent visitor to the area so walk along Berjaya Hotel and look above for the petite signboard "Group Therapy".

The menu isn't extensive nothing much to flaunt about with majority siding on beverages like coffee, tea and alcohol. A word of caution though, their food is nothing but amazing! The Poached Eggs or as I call them, Eggs Benedict could easily gratify the hungriest egg lover and don't even get me started about their Belgian Waffles alright? Truly a good place for a typical weekend early brunch with a few friends and family members. (Group Therapy opens at 9am on Sundays and Public Holidays.)
One of my favorite comfort food. The 4-Layer Carrot Cake ($8.50) has somehow hold a special place in my heart. It's nutty and carroty and beautifully slated cream cheese. 1 layer... 2 layers... 3 layers and well the fourth layer came crumbling but that's what I like about carrot cakes. I would say this might just be the best carrot cakes I tried so far. 

I would highly advice individual to share the cake over a few others instead of trying to take it on all by yourself. Afterall, sharing can be a therapeutic experience all by itself... 
What better more than to end off the afternoon with a good cup of double shot Cappuccino ($5.50), a personal favorite coffee drink of mine and I thought to myself...

"Wouldn't life be great if there's a carrot cake waiting for me every morning?" 

PS: A huge thank you for the crew for keeping my phone in their drawer for a night after I left the place without it. Age must be catching up on me though I'm only 19...

49 Duxton Road #02-01, Singapore 089513
Tel: +65 6222 2554

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