Friday, 11 May 2012

Mother's Day: Just for my mum

My mum's like no ordinary one.
She's a bartender when she was young.
Singapore Sling or Cocktail. Rest assured there's always a drink for that special time.

My mum is a classy one.
Having tea was her favorite pastime...
And she still does it at any point in time and however she wants.
Though the Scones from Tea Lounge are always her favourite ones.
A hint to my dad to get one whenever she starts to sing praises to her dessert-fanatic son.

My mum's a special one.
She's a Chinese sinseh although not a certified one.
But everyone and anyone could always be sure to enjoy a good bowl of her double-boiled broth.

My mum's like no other one.
I love her just as she love her three now older sons.
And yes my beloved mum... Enjoy your special day just you and your mum :)

Mother's Day is coming and besides buying her a gift I thought a poem ought to be done.
This post was presented to my mum and she loves her poetic son :)

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