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Victor's Kitchen: The impression of a boss

Impression has always been one of those guiding principles in life. For most of the time, impression may just play that decisive factor in the decisions you might made to maneuver your way. For instant, you would gauge a stranger based on the first impression you had of that newcomer before you could say "hey so and so, shall we be friends?" 

Of course first impression is not something permanent. It can change if there's a second hopefully favorable impression. Like for me, I never had apples when I was young because of a bad impression. Once my mum have to pry my mouth literally just to force the white fleshy slice down my throat.(That was the second bad impression I had for apples.)

It took me 11 years and a trip to a fruit market at Japan before I realized how much am I missing out whenever my two brothers stuffed their cheeks with apples...

So what about the impression of a boss when he have his Dim Sum fare? It's not about having a table full of baskets each containing different food at a fanciful hotel setting. Although that could always be appreciated. Anyone could dress like a boss but not everyone could behave like one that's for sure. 

At Victor's Kitchen however, you will be considered a boss if you could converse with the ladyboss helming the counter in her native language, Cantonese. Yeah, as thick-skin as I have always been, I'm actually referring to myself!

You see, I have Cantonese blood running within my cake-cloted arteries. The language was and still is my first language. I still conversed with the older generation in Cantonese and many seemed amazed that I could even keep the conversation on-going. Amazed because somehow my generation have given up their true mother tongue and many don't even try picking up the language. Such a pity if you have to ask me...

Well enough of the pitiful part. Let me show you how bosses have their dim sum luncheon alright?
Our utensils were brought to our tables and the we decided to arrange them neatly while waiting for their baskets of food to come.
I had a good laugh when I saw their menu which came in slips of order form. We ordered two bowls of porridge. One was called Phoenix Porridge ($3.50) while the other, Nemo's Porridge ($3.50). In the Dim Sum world, phoenix is just a nice way of saying chicken but nemo? I have never heard of anyone naming their dish after a clown fish! 

Victor's rendition does resemble the Teochew Porridge more compared to Congee and I am just happy to share both bowls of awesomeness with my makan makis.  
Victor's King Prawn Dumplings ($4.50) are anything but ordinary. They might not look set to impress the crowd but it speaks clearly in the taste. The prawns were exceptionally huge compared to most restaurants and siding more all the juicy and crunchy side too! A must-have if you ever drop by the kitchen. 
Another must have for Dim Sum at Victor, Tasty Queen Size Siew Mai ($4.00). Again looks can be deceiving. Just because it's not well plated means it won't taste as good. I am just happy to pay $1 for each yellow cuboid meat dumplings.
Here's the boss (me), attempting to showcase my photography skills. Not bad right? I could clearly see the crab roe and that fleshy prawn on the surface of my Siew Mai. 
Indeed one of our friend would consider this yummy. Phoenix Claws ($3.00). Personally, I didn't really liked how the talons were prepared. Everything about this dish was good apart from the sauce that it was left simmering in. Just not flavorful for me. 
Sometimes I wonder how could a Chinese survive without pork in their lives. I mean I have pork for almost every meal I had and Dim Sum is no exception. The Steam Spare Ribs with Black Bean Sauce ($3.00) again is a must-have dish although, those chopped red chili just spiced everything up. I shall remind the staffs not to add them the next time I'm coming here for Dim Sum.
The King Prawn with Vegatables Cheong Fun ($4.00) employed the same humongous prawns featured in their Har Gau was wrapped with a few greens in rice noodle kueh and then nicely placed in a sea of soy sauce. Apart from what I described, there isn't anything to boost off...
Victor's signature Dim Sum. The highly revered Golden Egg Yolk Lava Bun ($4.00) or in my own dialect, Lau Sha Pau. The white bun was light and fluffy but that's the main point. The yellow liquid that flowed out was nothing short of Oomph factor. Extremely savory with a strong hinge of Salted Egg Yolk amidst the buttery creamy custard. We love their little buns so much that we didn't just order one basket. We couldn't settle for two and we ended up getting a third! That's nine lava buns in total! Just like a boss!
Liu Sha Pau is the Chinese equivalent of the molten Chocolate Lava Cake. 

And I totally agree with you!
It was such a waste that I couldn't stomach in dessert... I love mango desserts alot! I guess there's always a next yah? Did I also mention that if you ever order their iced beverages, chances are you will see your drink served in a container packed in ice. That keeps your drink chilly but never diluted. What an ingenious method!
We spend $40.30 for a table full of food for four people. (They don't charge GST or Service Charge.) I thought it was quite a fair deal considering we ordered a lot. There were a few that I didn't managed to take a shot so I omitted them out.

The food may fall short of glamorous compared to other popular Dim Sum restaurants.But for the quality that the Chef invest in is the reason why the kitchen is often found packed with people craving for their light hearted snacks which we call Dim Sum.

Instead of conversing in Chinese, how about placing your orders in Cantonese? Afterall, you're dealing with a lady boss from Hong Kong. That's how I ended up with the impression of a boss...

Sunshine Plaza #01-21
91 Bencoolen Street, Singapore 189652
Tel: +65 9838 2851
Opening Hours: 10.30am to 8pm daily
Closed on Mondays


  1. I like Victor's Kitchen. Although there are some hits and misses

    1. Yeah. Well, I can't say it now till I try everything on their menu, looks like I've to drop by more for their affordable Dim Sum.


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