Monday, 21 May 2012

Steakout II: Possibly the best Chocolate Lava Cakes in town

Facebook has served me well even way before I started this food blog. 

I'll be honest with you, I'm a stalker on facebook.

I'll spend my free time stalking all the different cafes/bistros/patisseries/restaurants for any updates and/or any on-going promotions. It's pretty convenient. A like on any facebook page and updates just stream through. Occasionally, a few updates here and there from fellow bloggers is more than enough to inspire me to gather my makan makis for makan sessions! 

A side note: if you're often looking for cheap deals, try FoodieFC for something new. The blog's often has the next on-going offer happening in town. Now that's worth checking right? If you're lazy to check the blog try the facebook page instead. 

Back sometime ago, I received an notification on facebook and to my surprise, this was what I found: 
Apparently, the folks at Steakout uploaded my previous visit onto their facebook wall and they have brought answers to my questions raised from my previous visit. In case you couldn't see the fine prints in the screenshot above, here's what I was informed. 

1. They are still the same folks that ran the former ROS but taken on a new name (Steakout).
2. Their famed Lava Cakes is more sinful than ever and that's a good news for me!
3. In my previous post, I talked about their excessive use of butter in their baked potato? Well, they told me
    they will look into the matter. Perhaps less cholesterol? I'm hoping so... 
4. Now I know how a well-made Vanilla Ice Cream tasted like. Come to think of it, the Vanilla Ice Cream I   
    had with over at Max Brenner tasted almost the same too...

I didn't really understand why they refer me as a Poetic Gentleman until quite recently one of my friend read a few of my posts aloud in a rather poetic manner. Let's not even get started with the countless poem I composed too!
My two other friends and I made a fairly quiet entry on one of our freer afternoons for lunch. There was hardly a crowd which I anticipate. But that's alright. More space for us :)

They underwent a revamp and was closed a almost a week if I'm not wrong. There were slight changes, some quite visible but I didn't came for the repainted wall although it did gave the whole place a more brighter and informal feel but that's my least concern. I came hungry for food and lava cakes!
The Creamy Mushroom Soup that came with the set lunches ($2.50 to add on). Nothing out of this world but hey, expectations are always the root of all problem. I don't know about you but I think it's worth that $2.50.
My partner went for the Grilled Chicken ($7.90) which was beautifully plated but I feel that the gaps in between could be managed better. 
I on the other hand, went for the Sirloin Steak ($14.90), medium rare as usual and I won't have it any other way! The beef cut was a fair deal. It's not your tender type of meat but it's also not that laborious to chew either. Definitely, filling unless you're a SUPER SUPER BIG EATER!

Somehow, looking at the Mash Potato and the Coleslaw reminds me of KFC. Don't you?
I will go as far as to say this: "Steakout might possibly have the best Chocolate Lava Cakes in town." 

I know my friends who frequent Max Brenner, Laurent Chocolate Bar and Three Inch Sin would disagree with me and a few of them might even stone me for making such an outrageous comment! But I'm speaking the truth! Best in terms of price. You're not going elsewhere and get a Lava Cake that's flowing really good molten chocolate and served with a scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream that I thought to be laced with alcohol at but then informed that that's due to the use of really good quality Vanilla Pods at $6.90. 

Besides, how many of us can afford to have our chocolate cravings curbed at the three following chocolatier shop mentioned earlier? That's why I say Steakout's Lava Cakes might just be the best in town. 

If you happen to be at Bugis and you can't decide where to have your meals, why not give Steakout a try? 

Victoria Hotel #01-01
89 Victoria Street, Singapore 188017
Tel: +65 6720 8103


  1. hmmm. i work in bugis, but never been here before. Looks like i must find one day visit this place! Thanks for informing me!

    1. Bugis has loads of small eateries like steakout :) I should thank you for reading too! haha


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