Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Carnivore Brazilian Churrascaria: 1 for 1 lunch buffet

Ever since my friends come to knowledge that someone amidst their social network had started his own food blog, they all have been asking him or I should say me that very same question. "When are you free?" Often a times, showing that same exact burning enthusiasm like I always find myself indulging sweet stuffs! Every once in a while in fact quite often, I will have one of those special privilege to luxuriate the whole dining experience with someone new.

This time though, I have a new partner joining me and my two other regular makan makis to join us for the 1 for 1 lunch Brazilian feast buffet promotion offered by Carnivore Brazilian Churrascaria. To be honest, this was my first time getting a feel of authentic Brazilian cuisine. I have no idea of what to expect apart from the fact that it's gonna bring the carnivore side of me to my dinner plate! (Very evident in the photos below.)

Perhaps I've underestimated the power of facebook. I couldn't make a reservation for four as they do not accept reservation a day or two early. Citing the fear of changing location as the main reason, My dining partners and I came half an hour early of their opening time and to be greeted by a moderate queue in front of the restaurant. I was just thankful we came early because by the time they were opened for business, the so call moderate queue has lengthen considerably!
We were ushered to our table, greeted by the salad bar. Brimming with veggies from your typical salad veggies to the really authentic ones! I personally loved the zangy taste of the purple zesty Beetroots. It was quite spread I have to say. Good for me to try out new stuffs like Peas and Black Beans Stew. 
I think many of us have a certain impression of how a buffet works. You know, the typical you get your first serving from all the different stations and when you're done, you walked around and grab your second helping so on and so for.

But over at Carnivore, they do it differently. Instead of you getting your food (apart from the veggies), your food comes to you! The meats are served by passadors or meat waiters walking around the restaurants. All armed with their trusty knifes. We were quite afraid of how they welded the knifes, mostly with one finger looped around the handle. I could imagine all the 1001 things that could go wrong should the knife dropped. That's Chicken Heart which all of four us didn't enjoy the gamey and livery organ. 
Did I mention to you that if you want more meat on your plate, all you need is to flip the chart to green and volia! Meat is serve! And flip to red if you wanna take a breather and enjoy the mounting food on your plate. Perhaps it's the crowd that they didn't expect from the lunch promotion. It just didn't matter if you flipped it or not because half the time, there ain't much meat left on those skewers by the time it reaches our table. Moral of the story: A good location is extremely vital in order to receive the most attention from the passadors!
Condiments are a must-have on every table since most of their meat arrived grilled but not heavily marinated  so it might be a bit bland to those with a stronger taste buds. We didn't quite like the green Parsley Sauce maybe because of the colour but the brown sauce (can't remember the name) fared the best with all those smoky meat cuts! As for the brown bread crumbs, best stay clear of it. Pretty tasteless.

Here's all the photo of how our meat cuts were served. Those aichmophobic individuals, do be warn of all the knives roving inches from you. 
Fear. Says it all on our faces whenever the knife appeared. It wasn't that bad lah! We just kept our distance from the all the slicing that's all and I just happened to take this shot with my friend's priceless expression in it! The meat were succulent, tender and juicy. Particular the Beef Rump which stands above all! Do be prepared for a kidney failure when you had a bite of the Grilled Fish. They are seriously super salty. I suspect they used Cod though...
The Boneless Lamb Leg came last out from the kitchen. I never love mutton for the gamey and musky taste it emits upon entering my mouth. But hey! At least I still give it a try right? 
Our lunch fare didn't came cheap to be honest although there's a 1 for 1 lunch fare. At $62 for four diner which works out to be $15.50 per person sharing the 1 for 1 lunch buffet, I say the GST, service charge and the overpriced drinks were the true killers adding our bill to a hefty $108.28. Moral of the story: Just order ice water will do. 

Service was fairly slow but given how they could still churn out skewers after skewers despite the full house scenario, I say it was a fair 3 hour deal.
If you're looking for somewhere to satisfy your meat cravings, how about being a carnivore just for an afternoon? 

Vivocity #01-161/162
1 Harbour Front Walk, Singapore 098585
Tel: +65 6376 9939


  1. 3 hrs affair? wow thats long!

    1. That's how princes feast :) If only there's less of a crowd becos the meat tends to disappear from the skewers very fast and by the time it reaches our table, there's barely meat left to feed the four of us!


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