Friday, 10 February 2012

Rive Gauche II: Oreo Cheese cake

A week ago, I vividly remembered standing at the same exact location, peering through that transparent glass before making one of those difficult decision in life; What shall I have for dessert today? In the end I choose the luxurious cheese cake which I fell in love in, almost instantly! I guess that's the magic of love ;)

A life without Cheesecake is akin to no life at all!
A week later, I was tasked with the important mission by my parents. Buy a cake for my brother's Birthday.
Well, They have made the right choice for when it comes to cakes, I daresay no one knows them best! 

Of course being in Tampines, means being pampered by a a wide variety of bakery shops! I don't wish to go through each and every single one of them for I have my preferred shop. Let me give you a hint. It's starts with the letter R.

"I want that Oreo Cheese cake!" That was all I remembered before I plunged into my wallet... At $38.00, I swear it was all worth it. And moments later...
A Giant Oreo Biscuit appeared! It's magical I tell you!
Any objections? Of course not silly! How could anyone resist a good piece of oreo cheese cake? Simply pleasant to indulge. I never felt cheesy to say this:

"you're cute dear, I just wish you could be mine. All mine."

Happy Belated Birthday, Eddie consider it as a present from your brother :)

Tampines 1 #B1-13
10 Tampines Central 1, Singapore 529536
Tel: +65 6789 5518

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