Sunday, 26 February 2012

Gong Cha: A serious addiction

The last time I talked about Gong Cha... Oh yes, I clearly remembered getting a cup of Earl Grey Milk Tea.
And I told myself it was purely curiosity that compel me to try it and I got to cheek to tell my friends that I rather spend my money on cakes than on such sugar infused drink!

How quick was I to judge. How wrong I am to draw such conclusions.

Every Wednesday without fail, I would head down to Junction 8 to get myself a cuppa! It's almost a weekly routine right now. I know I can't deny my feelings already. I'm offically addicted to Gong Cha's EGMT!
I just can't imagine a week without Earl Grey Milk Tea. It's unbearable I tell you! It's one of my soul comforting food/drink. The other being Tiramisu though :) It just brings me much joy to my soul just to slurp like as if there's no tomorrow!
Being the excessive me, I decided to get myself another cuppa. This time, Matcha Milk Tea with Azuki Beans. Personally, I love green tea and red beans desserts, especially when you put them together! It's like the perfect combination much like sea salt and caramel.

But when it comes to Bubble Tea, I just don't get Ommph factor that I had in cakes. Maybe the combination doesn't apply to bubble tea.

This is seriously getting out of hand. I just realised I had 4 cuppa of bubble tea this week. One theory my friend proposed was because I needed some form of sugar and it just so happen that I couldn't managed to get my hands on cakes and so I turn to the next best substitution. GONG CHA...

Yeah... Come to think of it, I haven't had a good piece of cake since a week ago? Seems like a long time ago for me. Maybe the addiction will go away once I had my fair share of cakes!

Or the least keep it at once a week...

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