Saturday, 11 February 2012

Coffee Club: Muddy Mud Pie

When I was much younger, I was an ignorant little brat with little knowledge of coffee. It's like playing music to a cow. Totally different from where I stand today... But my first true taste of coffee wasn't a cuppa. It was from a dessert date with a few friends that got me hooked up! Weird but that's the truth!
An ice cream styled in the from of a cake with beige coloured cappuccino at the top and milk chocolate at the bottom. The entire sweet creation was resting on a crust of crushed oreo crumbs. Nativity wouldn't be completed without  a drizzle of chocolate fudge and generous amount of oreo crumbs.

There my fellow readers, is Coffee Club's signature dessert. Muddy Mud Pie. It's one of those best moments in life just you and me with a few of our friends for companions... I wish time would cease just for a while just for me to admire you.

That's how I got my first taste of coffee or I should say coffee ice cream...

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