Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Lenas: An unexpected valentine

Lenas which from what I know, is under the management of MOF (Ministry of Food). Unlike other outlets catering more on Japanese cuisine and desserts, there's an added twist. You speak Italian? 

Though I still have to say that they do serve fantastic Hokkaido gelato ice cream which MOF takes great pride in. So much so that they even sell it by the tubs! No joke! It's your waste if you don't try it!

Alright back to the main question. What business do I have at Lenas during Valentine?

Roughly a week ago, I asked one of my many friends out for dinner on Valentine which apparently I've forgotten about it until I received the text from my friend just hours before the dinner. Which at that time, I actually pre-arranged another dinner date with another friend. 

And well... Basically I was screwed up. That's the problem with me. I can get so busy enjoying life that I could actually forgot who am I enjoying with! Tsk Tsk Tsk... Some friend I am right? 

To cut the long story short.

In the end, I decided to went out with that "forgotten" friend of mine while re-arranging another day for another dinner with my pre-arranged date. Good thing I have such understanding friends! It was totally unexpected! Hence the title! Let's move on with the food shall we?
Smoked Duck Salad ($10.90). Unlike my valentine date, I seldom order salad. It's one of those dish where I could like to think it's over-priced considering I could buy all the ingredients at the local supermarket and make them at my own mum's kitchen. But well, I have to give credit for the smoked duck and the gracious amount of Parmesan cheese sprinkled all over... 
Parma Ham with Rock Melon ($7.00). If my memory doesn't fail me, the last time I had Prosciutto or Parma Ham was at. Ahhh! Basilico at Regent Hotel. That was last year's X'mas. To even think that I am able to indulge myself in Parma Ham was just heavenly! 

I don't know who started the trend of eating rock melons with Parma Ham because it's one of those combinations where I could never seem to get sick and tired off! The sweetness of the melon and the umami factor of Prosciutto. Such is the Oomph factor in dining!
Salsa Cruda Grill Dory ($15.50). Nothing special but I do have to comment on the portion! It's quite big! Gratifying dinner!
The actual reason why I'm here. Vanila gelato with slices of green apple and banana filters ($5.00).
The best part were the banana filters! Warm and freshly fried bananas! I like!

I may talk about food all the time and at times, forgetting my friends in the process but I would never neglect my friends. That's a promise I made to all my friends! Valentine is just another special occasion to know you all in the name of good food! Agree? 

All in all, I would be back whenever I had graving for prosciutto or gelato! Their pasta seems appealing, wondering just when is my next visit... 

Tampines 1 Shopping Center #03-K1/K2
10 Tampines Central 1 Singapore 529536

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