Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Bakerzin II: Will you be my Valentine?

Genesis 1:3
... And God said, "Let there be light," and there was light. 
Photo by Ching Ting.

Light was the third thing God created. The first and second being the Heavens and the Earth. 
For God knows that light was for good for man and darkness? Bad I guess?

A beacon of hope.

Of course after talking to a close friend of mine, light doesn't necessary refer to the Sun. 
But you're just like the Sun, you never fail to lit up my day. You're my strength. My hope. My love.

You're my Sunshine...
Tiramisu ($6.20). Do you know how much I mi-su (miss you)? From that very day I met you till now... That feeling just get deeper and deeper...

Deeper than I've ever been before...
With a Coeur Noir ($6.50) I gave my heart to you, Wholeheartedly :)
Would you take great care of it? It's fragile you know?

Tiramisu... Will you be my Valentine? I hope you do.

This is my second visit to Bakerzin. Basically, my impression of Bakerzin has always been positive despite the last visit. In terms of service, I still prefer the Tampines branch but that's not the main point.

When bakerzin say that their tiramisu is soaked in brandy and rum, it means they soaked a lot of that concoction! The aftertaste of coffee liquor simply lingers in your mouth. Good if you're a alcoholic cum chocoholic fan!

Coeur Noir means Black Heart in French. 
Layers of dark chocolate and sacher sponge with brandied cherries and a layer of hazelnut dacouoise forming the base. All happening underneath a layer of dark chocolate glaze.
I'm a sucker for cherries. They're sweet little buttons that never fails to tickle my taste buds. 

All in all, Bakerzin is one of those patisserie franchise that I would frequent whenever I need to satisfy my lust for cakes.   

Northpoint Shopping Center #01-44
930 Yishun Avenue 2, Singapore 769098
Tel: +65 6754 2300

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