Sunday, 19 February 2012

Tom's Palette II: Synonym for rum & raisins?

It's my second visit and I guess there's no need for me to reintroduce Tom's Palette again right? It's one of my favourite ice cream parlor after Udders due to personal reasons. Hint, it's because I prefer Udder's Tiramisu ice cream ;) Not that Tom does not churn them out but it's somewhat lacking if you really have to ask me.

But set aside that small minor problem. Where else would you find a cafe right in the middle of Bugis Junction and Suntec City that offers a wide variety of ice cream at affordable price and best still with a 10% discount if you're a student? It's really dumb that NYP students are excluded from the list! 

Trust me, It ain't easy finding such places in Singapore. If you do, do share alright?

They do have pretty weird stuffs. 
Salted Egg Yolk? I would never try that! NEVER!
Maybe a real strong coffee ice cream but never salted egg yolk!

My all time favorite...
On your left, Salted Yuzu and White Wine Melon Sorbet on your right. Yuzu is always my all time favourite. Not sure why though. I guess you don't need to have a reason to fall in love right?

White Wine Melon Sorbet was delicate and mild compared to the Red Wine Sorbet. If you do not know, alcohol makes sorbet freezes at a lower temperature which is the result of a smoother texture...  
The moment you've been waiting for...
RUM & RAISINS! RUM & RAISINS! WOOOO! and the crowd goes wild!
To my two best friends, Nothing is comparable to Rum & Raisins.

"Those rum soaked raisins simply just oozes out rum in your mouth..."

"To me... Rum & Raisins are a delicacy..."

That was how they described their love for rum & raisins...
They are really serious about Rum & Raisins that's for sure!
There they were, lavishing over their eye candy and who else apart from rum & raisins?

It's almost Tom's Palette is another synonym for rum & raisins! It just goes to show Tom Palette's ice cream are up to standard. Particularly rum & raisins...

Shaw Leisure Gallery #01-25
100 Beach Road, Singapore 189702
Tel: +65 6296 5239/ +65 9070 7701
Opening Hours: Mondays to Thursdays: 12pm-9.30pm
                         Fridays to Saturdays: 12pm-10pm
                         Sundays: 1pm-7pm
                         Closed on the last Sunday of the Month

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