Saturday, 18 February 2012

Olive Vine Pasta Fusion

I could always appreciate Italian cuisines, particular pastas. 

You see, it's one of those few dishes out there which takes so many forms or I should sauce! I could have my favourite Genovese Spaghetti, how about vegetarian-dominated Mediterranean Penne? Anyone daring to try Squid Ink Linguine as well?

It's never easy to searching a good eatery/cafe/restaurant that offers not just affordable but well worth pastas!

I'm not saying Saizeriya is inferior compared to Olive Vine but you know it's always good to explore new places to dine! Afterall, Liang Court and City Square Mall ain't located in the east right?
 "I'm gonna tie your heart with my little ribbon." -Fettuccine.

That's Carbonara Fettuccine ($8.90) for you. Such a happy boy I was, toying with my new found friend! Easily the better ones I tasted. "You mean Tiramisu does not contain alcohol?" My heart sank the moment I found that you weren't meant for me...

You have no idea how disappointed I was when I wanted Tiramisu! Tiramisu without brandy/rum/liquor or any alcohol shouldn't be called Tiramisu! I get extremely turn off by the idea of non-alchoholic Tiramisu much like girls who just eat salad just for dinner. Seriously... Get a life!
Guys, Meet Cheesecake... Please don't judge her for her looks. She might look plain or average compared to other cheesecake but trust me she's a sweet little angel. Everything about her could be sum up into one word. Divine.
When lesser beings like us think of Carrot Cake, the image that conjure up would be small bits of flour cakes fried with eggs and evenly coated with sweet sauce. How wrong we were... Yes, even a food fanatic like me can sometimes be mislead whenever some of my friends say they wanna have carrot cakes. I am such a confused boy!

Trust me, when they said it's carrot cake, be expected to find strands of carrots hidden deep inside. Fun to socialise with that's for sure.

Considering where it's located, I would dare say it's worth your money just to dine at Olive Vine. I can't really remember the exact price of the cakes but it was definitely under $4. 

What makes me soo sure? Well, because I almost wanted to order one more if my friends weren't there to stop me. Hehehe, I am just too excessive when it comes to cakes. Specially when it's cheap! Real cheap!

Marina Square #B1-17
6 Raffles Boulevard, Singapore 039594
Tel: +65 6336 4034

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