Tuesday, 10 April 2012

The life of a blogger

My friends always think I have a good time ever since I started this food blog. Oh yeah, I must admit I am having a good time myself. All those elaborate dinner buffets, fanciful high tea sessions and seamlessly never ending supplies of cakes.At times, it can be quite a challenge for my friends to ask me out for meals because I'm almost always busy meeting people for lunches and high tea.

The life of a prince is nothing but glamour, glamour and more glamour right? Partly true but the hard work behind the scenes. Who will know? Unless you're a accomplished blogger too!

The photo above depicts a typical "office hour", usually in the morning or at night where I would spend a few hours, keeping a look out on the next best place to dine, plan a few makan sessions for the week and then blog about the previous makan session. Sound easy right?

You wished! The effort invested into each post is tremendous! Take for instant, the post on Chiso Zanmai. I spend one afternoon selecting and editing the photos and another afternoon thinking and writing out the post.

See what I mean? I don't just simply churn out posts after posts like machine alright? Of course, I must admit that I was handling something important on both days. What could be so important than blogging? That's for me to know and for you to find out!

Now about planning makan session. It may seem very easy to do right? I mean you just get a few like-minded friends who loves to eat and dine and then just meet them out to enjoy right? I tell you, it's not like what you think.

Take for instant, the post on La Petite Cuisine. My partner was quite skeptical when I said we will be heading down to Cluny Court for lunch. My partner seem alright with the idea until I said we be alighting at Botanical Gardens MRT station and she start asking me are there to see plants? But well, in the end, we had a enjoyable meal ourselves right?

But just how much effort it takes to make it enjoyable? At times, it requires me to take a walk around scouting all the places within the vicinity like I did for Robertson Quay. Most of the time, scouting alone.

You might think why so emo right?

It's good to have accompany at times but there are also moments where I just like some time for myself. Besides, I don't have to worry about anyone melting in the Sun and if I'm tired I can treat myself something good without worrying if it's too pricey for them. My point is, I can do thing at my own leisure time something I don't have when I have companionship with me.

Once I'm done scouting, then I start planning and organizing and then blogging. Basically the start of the whole process again. Passionate? I guess I'm really am the definition for the word passionate :)

To sum up everything I just said. Being a blogger is never easy. Being a food blogger is even tougher!
But at the end of the day, you must find contentment and joy in what you do. That in my opinion, is the No.1 rule in blogging...


  1. LOL Thanks for sharing. I know exactly what you mean ;D I share what you are feeling. The whole process of researching, planning, travelling, spotting, phototaking, eating, travelling back, editing, writing, posting is no joke. This "obssession" definitely takes plenty of passion to sustain. Well done and keep it up. To me, the most important thing is to have FUN ;D

    1. Yes! The keyword is always FUN! I think all bloggers would share the same views as you.

  2. Haha. Quite frequent, I will have the urge to go by myself too. Either
    1) I have already a place in mind, but am mindful of the distance, or other factors, such as heat, noise, non-air condition environment
    2) I will just explore and walk anywhere randomly and pop by somewhere that I just have a feel

    1. Wooo! Thanks :) I thought I would be alone in this. Now I know! hahaha!

  3. Congrats on your 5000 mark. I guess 10,000 would come really soon.
    I still think you can possibly just blog about desserts, just my thoughts, immense potential in that :)


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