Friday, 13 April 2012

Mac: My first Big Breakfast

Blamed it on the NO FAST FOOD policy that my family have instill in me since young, I hardly or I should say rarely settle my meals at MacDonald, the typical fast food outlet. I have cravings for all things sweet but not for fast food though...

To some of us, it's a childhood memory. You know the typical family sit down for a lazy weekend breakfast type? But not for me though. My typical childhood memory was having the whole family sitting down at Red Star Restuarant on a Sunday morning and gorging on baskets after baskets worth of Dim Sum.

I guess different family spend their Sundays differently...

Just recently to be exact on the twelfth day of April, I had my first Big Breakfast in maybe three or four years maybe even longer? English muffins, scrambled egg, a salted meat patty and a deep fried harshbrown. It's nothing special though I must say it's rather filling for a breakfast meal.

I personally believe that there are better food out there where I could invest my money on.
Fresher ingredients are always my first priory whenever I eat.
Lastly, I prefer my eggs poached to scrambled. Something like Egg Benedict would be perfect!

I guess the next time I would settle my meals at Mac would be at NYP because it's slightly cheaper than your typical outlet. Even so, it's very very and very unlikely I would eat Macs again.

I know I don't frequent Macs. I know of friends who seems to be perceptually eating Macs.
I shall not comment on their dining habits but what about you, care to share?

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  1. Sometimes we just cave into fast food cravings. I guess it's okay so long as it's not all the time. :P

    1. Yea! It's fine but definitely not all the time :)


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