Wednesday, 25 April 2012

A sweet way to start a Wednesday

The Sun was barely up and I found myself sitting alone at the nearby coffeeshop. Swirling my usual hot drink, Teh-O always with less sugar with the metallic spoon, contemplating everything that happened the previous day. Mostly bad I have to say...

An enraged lecturer, a scattered group, a cancelled lunch, a delayed dinner and worst of all:
A disgruntled friend...

"What a terrible Tuesday..." I thought to myself and I wonder how will my Wednesday is going to be like?

I peered over my phone. It's stated 7.13am. A sign for me to go. I finished the remaining red liquid in my glass mug, gathered my valuables, just my phone and wallet, hoping I will reach my destination on time.

Sitting opposite me was two youth roughly around my age (I'm 19 in one day's time.) whom I suspect to be couples. They were having their breakfast before heading to school I guess? They were doing something all too common for me. If you think I'm referring to all those kissing, hugging and petting then you're wrong. Allow me to describe alright?

The girl slightly hunched and both her hands that seems to rest on an invisible table above the visible one, with fingers interlocking one another. The boy sitting closely on her right placed his left hand on her left and his right hand on her right as well. Both their eyes tightly shut.

I knew it all too well. They were giving thanks. I seen it all too often but always alone but never a pair.
I stood there for a good five seconds, observing the beauty that unfolds before me.
"A sight to behold" I muttered to myself.

They were just about to tuck into their first meals when I walked past them and stopped for a moment.

"What God has joined, man must not divide. Amen." I said.

"Amen! Thanks, May God bless you and your other half too." She said.

"I'm still single but thanks for your blessing too." I declare giving a chuck pondering the girl's statement.

"I'm sure you will! Have faith dude!" She said with much enthusiasm.

And all this time, the boy sitting on her right was just looking at her. I could almost see the glean in his eyes. He seems lost. Lost in a sea of love? I know that feeling all too well.

Alas, he gave her a peak on her rosy cheeks while she finishes him off, ruffling his hair and they tucked into their still piping hot bowls of noodles.

Such affection. Beyond words.

I bade them goodbye and walked away thinking to myself...

 "How I wish I have someone to say grace with. Wouldn't that be nice?"

What a sweet way to start off a Wednesday...

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