Sunday, 8 April 2012

The Sun

You are the Sun, the center of my heart.
Everything in my life revolves around you. Just like all the other planets do.
The warmth you emit is what I've been seeking for.
With it, everything seems possible. Anything seems achievable.
Without it though, life seems unbearable. Life seems bleak.

At times, I feel like the Pluto in our solar system.
Far from you and away from your presence that's what I always feel.
So insignificant that NASA decided to reclassify Pluto as a dwarf planet instead.
But even so, this dwarf planet still maintain his orbit around you.

There maybe a million or a billion or even a trillion stars out there.
Shining, shimmering and sparkling all at the same time.
But I just want you to know this;
There will only be one Sun in my universe.
And you will always be that only one.


  1. Wow...yr food blog contain emo posts ...x.x..
    nice poem anyway =D

    1. Emo? Mmm, it may seem emo but I was actually quite happy when I compowe this poem. Haha! I guess it's a display of affection?


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