Thursday, 5 April 2012

TCC II: The dessert prince Jr.

He came First in Standard in his whole cohort. He's the Dessert Prince Jr. (My 2nd brother, Edmund.)
The current crown jewel in my family. We are proud of him!

A hectic morning for my family as we head down for an uneventful and boring prize presentation ceremony @ LASALLE College of the Arts, I decided to bring him out for high tea. The Dessert Prince's Style that is.
Dessert Prince Jr. is also another High Tea fanatic just like yours truly...

Initially, we settled on Intercontinental Hotel for High Tea but after consulting my highly sagacious High Tea Partner, I gave a thought and decided that it's best that I made another en-route, least it ruin my love for high tea. I trust my partner's taste, without a single doubt ;)

The Dessert Prince Jr. loves to conduct his private tea sessions at TCC.
Those delicate glass chandeliers dangling just above the bar and the sleek red sexy couches.
There's something about the contemporary modern design that caught Jr. attention. Particularly the one at Bugis, which so happen to be his favorite TCC outlet.
Like royalties we have always been, we picked our little corner and commence our private session...
We royalties do not like to wait and the cakes came promptly. Although I prefer my drinks to come first but at least they served us plain water before hand :)
All hail the King! His Majesty The Royal Pumpkin Chessecake ($5.40). Cheesecake that's infused with delightful sweet pumpkin strands hidden within. We just couldn't stop singing praises of His Majesty!
The Mango Diva ($5.60). Goddess of my revered fruit. Simplistic vanilla shortcakes glamorize with sweet mango mousse. I prefer diva to be in sliced form to the cuppa one. It's just a personal preference.
Iced Cappuccino ($6.90) was what Jr. choose. He love the coffee as much as he love white foam.
Usually, the Chocolate of Wealth is what I would opt for but ever since I started blogging, I feel the need to try out new stuffs instead of sticking to my personal comfort food. Or else, I would bore all of you to death!

In this case, the Strawberry Espresso Dream ($8.30) was something unfamiliar. Marshmallows and strawberry sauce is what caught my eyes. The bitterness from the strong espresso meets the sweetness from the strawberry drink. It's almost like a dream. A bittersweet dream but more on the sweeter aftertaste.
There we were, as noble princes who love high tea...

Bugis Junction #01-92-96
80 Middle Road, Singapore 188966
Tel: +65 6837 2027

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