Monday, 9 April 2012

The 5000th mark

I'm extremely happy to inform all you readers out there, both new and loyal ones that as of the month of April and to be precise, the sixth day of April, thedessertprince has reached the 5000th view mark! I know I know... 5000 views doesn't mean 5000 individual readers but I am currently using google analytics to keep track of my stats. 

Although, I have to say that my achievement still looks meager compared to other celebrity bloggers, raking views much like a gardener raking fallen leaves littered all over the gardens. Nevertheless, despite the small achievement, I am still very very and very happy about it! 

Some of my friends are actually looking forward to my 5000th views because I said I'll organising another makan session with them. 

Once again, Thanks for the support all you readers and a even more special thanks to all my friends, braving through rain and heat just to join me in all my makan sessions and lastly, to a even more special friend. Without whom I would never be inspired to start this food blog.


  1. Congrats and keep posting ;D I love your blog.

    1. Thanks!I happen to chance upon ur blog a few days ago :) Now I have a better knowledge where's the good food outspot in MY. haha!


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