Sunday, 29 April 2012

Outback Steakhouse

Besides high tea, my partner for the day has a particular fondness for pastas and I actually thought of introducing Saveur's Angel's Hair Pasta to my partner but it was a mistake on my part for not checking their lunch last order (2.45pm). Sadly though we were turned down at their doors when we reached at 3pm. It didn't really matter since we have the whole day to ourselves and after an hour's worth of searching for the next best place to chill over lunch, we ended up at the Outback Steakhouse on recommendation by my partner. 

A glance was all we need and we settled on the Toowoomba Pasta ($23.90). Beautifully crafted little ribbons pastas which we often call fettuccine simmered in cream sauce was more than just palatable. The whole eating experience couldn't been smoother...

There's nothing weird ordering seafood pasta at a steakhouse if they cooked them to such perfection. Surely my partner would agree to the statement too!
Ask any steak connoisseur and they tell you steaks are best eaten rare and medium-rare where the meat remains red on the inside while the exterior browns from the heat. Essentially anything beyond medium shouldn't be considered. I have yet to hear anyone having their red meat medium-well and much less well-done. I personally don't like my steaks too bloody so medium-rare would do just fine.

The steak lover's steak, a medium-rare 12 ounce Ribeye ($39.90). I would be a fool to doubt Outback's rendition since they are the people who specialize in steaks right? Espresso infused Ribeye seems appealing when we were told we could choose the style to which our beef shall be served. I can't really remember the other three choices but my partner and I found the espresso taste would be too negligible for our palette. 
Before our pastas and ribeyes came, we were served a loaf of brown bread. A search on the web tells me this should be the Bush Bread which Australian Aborigines have been baking few thousand years ago. Isn't that cool? Being a baker myself, I sure think this is sooo cool!
The loaf was crisp on the outside with a soft interior. I'm not sure if they were done in the traditional way, baked in hot coal. All I knew I had a good time tearing through the bread with the knife though my partner was saying I should do the tearing with my hands like she does...
There's a reason why my partner recommended Outback. She was here back some time ago for work purposes and got to knew one of the staff and promised to head down someday to try out their menu.

Desserts in particular can always be appreciated but we were too full for any and besides we have somewhere in mind for our desserts. So when they served us a complimentary the Chocolate Thunder From Down Under ($15.90), we were rather surprised about it and how could we reject such a kind gesture?

The nutty brownie was too moist and heavy while the chocolate sauce added a somewhat displeasing taste to everything sweet. The cream sitting above was too much even for me, a dessert fan to sing praises about it.  Maybe we are just fussy when it come to desserts...

The food was good but the service though I have to say... Excellent! I am particular impressed when the staff took the time to explain the menu. A 10% discount was also given on courtesy of the staff. I dare say it can be comparable with Prime Society, a fine-dining restaurant that serve in my opinion the best steaks cuts in Singapore and yes. We had a great time over at Outback Steakhouse.

Now the only question remain... Game up for some of the best souffle in Singapore?
Needless to say, we always are. So stay tune for part II.

Time 2@Millenia Walk #01-99
9 Raffles Boulevard, Singapore 039596
Tel: +65 6837 3242


  1. wa how come you get complimentary desserts and even a 10% discount?

    1. Well, my dining partner has special privilege? It's good to have a sound connection at times I guess :)

  2. I'm certainly game for the best souffle in Singapore... :D

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